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Glenn Bloodworth's photographic interests are varied, from nature and architecture, to places and people. However elements common to and linking all of them are pronounced composition based on an exceptional understanding of light, line, forms, and relations, especially an intense interaction between the viewer and the subject matter.

Glenn recently concluded a successful exhibit, to favourable reviews and media interest, during Ottawa's Festival X 2012 entitled "[dis] - appearance" featuring images from his Ephemeros Foymount series, at the Spiral Gallery. Glenn currently has a fine art photographic exhibit at the CentrePointe Theatre Gallery, based on this "Ephemeros" series, running until April 22nd.

All photographs are available for purchase, personally signed by Glenn. They can be purchased mounted and framed, or unframed, in the various standard print sizes (e.g. 5"x7", 8"x10", 10"x13", 11"x14", 10"x20", 13"x19", 16"x20", & 20"x30", etc.) as well as in custom sizes such as 30"x36", etc. Contact Glenn via the 'contact link' for pricing and other information or to discuss your interests.
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