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Born in Winnipeg, Canada, I moved to Ottawa to pursue advanced degrees at university, a senior public service career, and subsequently a private sector career. I am now returning to my love of photography after a hiatus of decades. Semi-retired I'm blessed to pursue my photographic goals and challenge my artistic expression as a fine art photographer

Currently studying with Michael Tardioll in his Master's level program at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa, I recently completed a four year Photography Techniques program at Algonquin College, graduating with Honours distinction. There I studied under Ray Pilon, David Barbour, J. David Andrews, Ken Ginn, and Michael Weigand - all of Ottawa, Canada. As well I've studied with Freeman Patterson and André Gallant at their Shampers Bluff - New Brunswick workshop, with Kevin Spreekmeester at the Niagara School of Photography, with William McElligott of Ottawa, with Christopher Anderson of Magnum Photos, and with Steve Simon - 'The Passionate Photographer'. Each is an exceptional photographer. Their sensitive encouragement to opening eyes, enhancing senses, and unlocking creativity, combined with exposure to exceptional fellow students, talented and collegial, is an incomparable convergence, resulting for me in an imaginative ongoing voyage in the words of that Van Morrison song "Into the Mystic".

The joy of photography is, to quote Freeman Patterson, "being... keenly aware of things around me... free to photograph them as I please... making photographs that communicate what I see and what I feel about what I see. It's also in being disciplined.... Fine images don't happen, they are made - and made very carefully."

I am a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art [CAPA], the RA Photo Club of Ottawa [RAPC], and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and a national Certified CAPA Judge for photographic competitions. I am one of the founding members of Studio Zone V, Group Leader - Fine Arts Photography Group RAPC, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa.